The Korg Cliphit Converts Ordinary Objects Into Drums

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: korg & gizmag
The Korg Cliphit is an ingenious device that allows budding and wannabe drummers alike to turn any object near them into a drum kit. The contraption comprises a primary unit and three additional clips that can be attached to pretty much any object, turning it into a makeshift drum. Clips can be attached to desks, buckets, books or any other household objects, and the sounds you create emanate from a 3-inch 2-watt speaker embedded in the main unit. There's also a headphone jack to save your neighbours' ears.

The Korg Cliphit's clips have motion sensors that determine how hard you hit your object, making all your sounds touch-sensitive. The contraption even includes a footswitch that allows you to control kick drum sounds, with an additional footswitch allowing you to control hi hat sounds.