The Knick Shelf by DING3000 Embraces Intrigue with a Simple Crease

The floating shelf is an appealing piece of wall-mounted storage, popular because of its clean line and apparent absence of underpinning hardware. The Knick Shelf by DING3000 explores this use of a single piece of material to construct a self-supporting ledge, attractive to those who appreciate the former but desire more of a visual impact.

Designed for Pulpo, this storage system is made from a narrow sheet of powder coated steel, manipulated quite simply with a sharp 90-degree fold of one corner. The resulting form creates a buttress suitable for placement against a wall which affords the convenient placement of supportive screws.

When mounted at eye-level, the thin ledge of the Knick Shelf by DING3000 is nearly invisible. It's the asymmetrical triangular brace that adds a chic element of contemporary visual interest.