Klok by Robrecht Vanhauwere has a Simple Sunny Design That's Easy to Use

A fairly typical alarm clock, mine has 12 buttons for carrying out a range of commands and functions. Klok by Robrecht Vanhauwere challenges the commonly convoluted design of the bedside device to make it simpler for the sleepy user to interact with.

This is a sleek iPhone docking station, modeled into a smooth rectangular prism with a pair of square speakers integrated into each end. The gadget has a connection for the placement of your smartphone on top, taking from it your favorite tracks to rouse you in the morning.

What particularly appeals about the minimalist Klok by Robrecht Vanhauwere is the presence of a bright yellow knob to the right of the digitally displayed time. It's this feature that you turn and push in order to select the hour and set your wake-up call.