TwingTec Leverages Turbulent Winds to Collect Kite Wind Power

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: & gizmag
A recently launched startup called TwingTec wants to generate clean and abundant electricity through kite wind power. Since the kites are able to reach high altitudes, they are able to harness the turbulent winds that are present as you get higher. As a result, the kites are able to generate more power than traditional wind turbines. The fluid and versatile nature of the kites means that they can reach up to 100 m higher than the tallest wind turbine.

TwingTec works to generate power by having the kites pull along cable. As the kites get carried by the wind, the cable gets pulled off a drum on the ground which generates energy. When the process is complete, the kite can easily be pulled back by letting it fall outside of the strong gusts. That process can then be repeated around every two minutes.