Kitchen Power Grommet PCS34 Provides Power in a Safe Manner

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: mockett & therecraft
Anyone who's worked in the kitchen will tell you that safety comes first, which is why having something like the Kitchen Power Grommet PCS34 is so important.

Outlets in the kitchen can be fairly hazardous since it's usually right out in the open. Even if it's not in use, splashing liquids onto it can damage the sockets which is anything but good news during dinner service. The Kitchen Power Grommet PCS34 eliminates that problem altogether. It's a pull-out outlet that will hide itself when it's not in use, which is perfect for space conservation. The concern here is that liquids can still potentially leak into the device; however, the clear rubber ring will prevent that from happening. It only has three sockets, but since kitchens have so many outlets all around, this item would be the perfect solution when you've completely run out of space.