The 'Kinetic Boot' is Being Developed by Lockheed Martin & STC Footwear

 - Jul 26, 2014
References: lockheedmartin & core77
Aerospace giants Lockheed Martin and the STC Footwear company have teamed up to develop incredible 'kinetic boots' that harness the energy from wearers' movements. The shoes are targeted towards Marines, who often carry heavy loads of gear and rations and move large distances on their feet. These kinetic boots aim to harness the energy from those feet movements and put them to use.

Lockheed Martin is unable to divulge too many details about the boot's internal components due to security concerns, but has revealed that 'piezoelectricity' is at play. The boots collect and capture kinetic energy from the natural movement of footsteps.

The kinetic boot is being designed so that the energy-harnessing technology is both non-intrusive as well as invisible to the wearer. Future versions of the shoe will be made even more rugged than the current version.