Kevin Kirkpatrick's Beavis and Butthead Look too Spooky to Be in This World

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: imdb & buzzfeed
The Beavis and Butthead busts of Kevin Kirkpatrick look like they are crazy people in a horror film. Beavis and Butthead is a hilarious cartoon to watch, but their exaggerated features do not belong in this world.

Beavis looks like he has been drinking energy drinks for a week straight with his blonde hair shooting up and his bulging eyes. He also has a smile that would make a baby break out in tears. Meanwhile his partner in crime Butthead looks like he might bite your face off. His shiny braces gleam as he stares you down with his beady eyes.

The cartoon version of Beavis and Butthead are harmless dimwits who give anyone a chuckle; however, the real-life versions look far from harmless. Hopefully these busts by Kevin Kirkpatrick never gain the gift of life.