Kevin Henry Renders Vehicles From Movies in this Quirky Minimalist Series

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: boomerjinks.deviantart & herochan
Vehicles are often relegated to nothing more than transportation in movies, but these Kevin Henry posters demonstrate just how iconic they truly are, as they’ve seeped into people’s subconscious and are now a bonafide part of pop culture.

Each Kevin Henry poster features a graphic to help viewers identify particular films, followed by silhouettes of the vehicles found within each movie. Henry also includes the year in which the film was released at the bottom of his posters. In a way, these cinematic creations serve as a retrospective on transportation throughout the ages.

The most impressive part about this Kevin Henry series is the fact that he covers such a wide range of vehicles. Everything from the Starship Enterprise to Kaneda’s motorcycle can be found in this visually stunning collection.