Imajen Exploration Tools for Kids by Kenji Huang Fosters Growth

 - Apr 22, 2012
References: hellokenji & blog.gessato
Kids these days need more encouragement to detach themselves from the TV, and the Imagen Exploration Tools for kids by Kenji Huang is the perfect incentive to go out and explore the wonders of the outdoors. Cheap plastics and electronics do two things: flood landfills with synthetic and toxic materials, and foster a self-enclosed, lethargic use of time.

With the increase in childhood obesity, the time could not be more ideal for a concerted effort towards reintroducing children to outdoor activities. The Imajen Exploration Tools are made out of renewable resources to make the inevitable trip to the dump a non-polluting endeavor.

Toddlers are naturally creative, so help foster that imagination with these child-friendly exploration tools aimed at reconnecting children with nature.