The Kendall Jenner MMVA Dress Looks Like a Luxe Loincloth

 - Jun 17, 2014
References: refinery29
People are still talking about the recent Much Music Video Awards that took place last week in Toronto, Canada, and for one reason only: the Kendall Jenner MMVA Dress. Although it looks deceptively demure from the back, it is essentially a luxe loincloth from the front, baring her hipbones in an unexpected and shocking way.

The Kendall Jenner MMVA Dress was designed by Fausto Puglis, who is known for making Angelina Jolie's right leg famous in 2012. Although the crystal embellishments that run down the length of the white gown are just as noteworthy, it is the super high slits that make the gown stand out. The second-youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is coming into her own fashion-wise, so stay tuned for more interesting choices.