KDDI Laboratories Reveals a Neuro-Activated App

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: & japantrends
While the brain still mystifies certain researchers, KDDI Laboratories has found a way to harness the power of the mind -- in order to play video games! A new smartphone application by the Japanese research company measures the brain activity in players as they maneuver challenging games, in the hopes of regulating stress and anxiety.

The application, as of yet unnamed, comes with two critical accessories: a sensor headband that connects wirelessly to the phone and a small, pulse-detecting ear clip. In tandem with the two components, the KDDI Laboratories program comes with three games of varying difficulty. After approximately 30 seconds of playtime, the user is greeted with a chart displaying concentration and meditation, among other crucial brain metrics.

KDDI Laboratories is at the forefront of a synthesis between neuroscience and interactive media, a move which holds great promise in the worlds of marketing and advertising. Although the app is still in its development phase, it will be released for the Android, iPhone and other smart devices in due time.