Kate Moss Gets Image Lift From Virgin Mobile

 - Dec 29, 2005
References: iht & news.agendainc
Proving that you can never let a little coke addiction get you down, Kate Moss is BACK! With Virgin Mobile.
"It's a familiar pattern: A celebrity is caught in a compromising position, is humiliated, suffers career damage and lies low for a while - then returns to the public arena to revamp a tarnished image.

Joining the likes of Paris Hilton and Hugh Grant, the British model Kate Moss is set to take a big step in her image rehabilitation this week. Moss, 31, who was photographed while apparently using cocaine in a London recording studio in September, will try to revive her career in a self-deprecating commercial for Virgin Mobile, the cellphone company owned by Richard Branson.

In the 40-second spot, which is to be shown starting Saturday, Moss is relaxing at home, making tea, when she receives a cellphone call from her agent, excitedly saying he has found a perfect contract for her. As it turns out, the agent is calling from a Virgin Mobile store and is talking about a cellphone contract, not a modeling job. A voice intones: "Virgin Mobile. One contract worth keeping." - Herald Tribune