The Industrie Magazine 'Karl's Chloe Legacy' Editorial is Frank

Industrie Magazine's 'Karl's Chloe Legacy' presents model Hedvig Palm in the most candid of stances. Little attention is paid to Palm's tresses and makeup as she posed before photographer Angelo Pennetta's camera.

This straightforward take on fashion makes no apologies for its lack of cosmetics and detailing. The images are mostly blurred and pixelated, exhibiting Palm's features in a brilliant haze.

Karl's Chloe Legacy will be bound in Industrie Magazine's Fall 2012 edition. The name reveals its couture tones, evident in stylist Camille Bidault Waddington's incorporation of perennial peasant skirts and light, lace pieces. Funky punches come out of nowhere with athletic jerseys, floral print wrap dresses and spiky heels, mixing current mod apparel with the styles of past eras.