The Kangaroo Siren Sounds the Alarm if an Intruder is Detected

 - Apr 5, 2019
References: heykangaroo & thegadgetflow
The Kangaroo Siren smart keypad alarm is a connected security solution for the home that works with the other sensors available from the brand to offer additional protection from intruders.

The keypad works by being plugged in and offering homeowners a dedicated spot to type in their access code to arm or disarm the system. Accompanying Too Tags can also be used by guests to disarm the system with a tap instead of requiring a code to streamline access and prevent administrators from having to create or manage short-term codes.

The Kangaroo Siren smart keypad alarm is priced at $90 and will set off a blaring alarm signal if an intruder is detected to help scare them off instead of taking their time to ransack a living space.