Photographer Justin Poulsen Boasts a Rabbit Hole of Weird Work

 - Apr 2, 2014
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The still life work of Justin Poulsen, a photo illustrator and architectural photographer based in both Toronto and Calgary, Canada, will boggle people's minds. Cleverly conceptual, they interpret the world in a very different way. For instance, Justin Poulsen depicts luxury brand Louis Vuitton as a classic Chinese finger trap, which speaks volumes, while a paper raven emerges from the pages of an Edgar Allan Poe poem and a pink tongue rolls out of a Pepto Bismol bottle.

Full of creativity and imagination, Justin Poulsen invites his audience to see the world with fresh eyes. But not just for reality's sake, for surreality's sake as well. Sometimes people need to jump down the rabbit's hole to gain new perspective of their lives and surroundings. Justin Poulsen's work is such a rabbit hole.