Judge Dredd vs Zombies Throws Down the Law on Flesh Eaters

 - Dec 19, 2011
References: itunes.apple & iappsin
Forget about defending pigs for the Angry Birds, fight off a horde of the undead in Mega-City One in the Judge Dredd vs Zombies app.

The famous comic book character is throwing down some justice on the undead, and you can help him in the Judge Dredd vs Zombies. With a new movie currently filming with Karl Urban as the hero, the timing of this app couldn't be better. There will be 30 levels in the game with four weapons to choose from, special upgrades and a reward system if the player does well. Killing time by wiping out zombies definitely beats stalking people on Facebook.

If the sound of Judge Dredd vs Zombies doesn't get you riled up, then I don't know what will.