Josh Tuminella Combines Food Cooling and Tool Carrier

 - Aug 7, 2009   Updated: Jul 20 2011
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Josh Tuminella saw a problem for construction workers and other people who require tools. The main issue is that finding your way back to your truck on a job site may be difficult, making your lunch somewhat inaccessible. So Josh combined the necessary toolbox with a food cooler to create a job-friendly lunchbox.

The design combines cooler with tool box, separating the tools from the food, but keeping them in one unit.

Implications - This is the kind of practicality that makes people rich in the world we live in today. While in previous generations, someone may have had this idea, the ability to follow through on something like this is a testament to technological advances. I'm sure John Tuminella sleeps happy at night knowing that he solved a problem construction workers suffered through for years.