Jose Mertz Illustrates Trippy Pieces That are Out of This World

 - Mar 9, 2011
References: josemertz & emptykingdom
If you ask me, these Jose Mertz are damn epic -- in an acid-tripping sort of way.

Jose Mertz is a talented artist who creates surreal drawings of unusual characters. What's noticeable in his work is his abstract approach to drawing heads. As strange as it sounds, that's one of the most attractive aspects of his works. Whether the craniums he creatively outputs are abnormally large, melted, or just straight out weird, Metz makes illustrations that are both impressive and whimsical. The bodies added to the subjects further accentuate the abstractness of his work, with layers of additional characters and imaginative anatomical parts giving his work an alien-esque vibe.

Jose Mertz's drawings are a must-see, so check out the featured gallery for his amazing artworks.