Jonas Burgert Loves to Paint Eerie Stories in the Dark

Jonas Burgert is an artist whose taste for darkness makes for works that have a hint of hellishness in them. A Berlin-born and Berlin-based painter, Jonas Burgert has had his works viewed internationally in places such as Galerie Sfeir-Semler and the Passariano.

The paintings are not flashy, but do use a wide variety of colors and usually represent some zombie-esque portrayal of reality. He uses animals and people and exaggerates their inner darkness to have audiences squirming in their shoes when standing before the paintings. For example, the first image in the gallery features an array of bloody carny-looking characters and each subject is wearing a taunting look, as if daring the viewer to step in and give them a try.

Jonas Burgert may very well just be a messenger from the dark side showing humans what lurks in the shadows.