The Trilip Series by Jon Kleinhample is Sculpturally Shaped

 - May 21, 2013
References: lmbrjk & lanciatrendvisions
Merging sculptural shapes and intricate wood-working skills, artist and sculptor Jon Kleinhample creates a series of contemporary architectural accessories with his collection of 'Trilip' vases.

The sculptor and talented lumberjack is known for working with
freshly cut wood that he sculpts by hand. Jon is a founder of studio LMBRJK in Brussels and dares to bring his conceptual vision to life with his bulbous vase creations that are sure to act as a bold focal point within one's home.

The sculptures by Jon Kleinhample are designed to resemble abstracted tulip forms. Designed using complex computer graphics software, the digitally conceived creations are cut by an 80 watt laser machine, assembled and later sanded and smoothed out by hand.