This Robotic Job-Placement Service Uses WeChat to Find Good Employer Matches

 - Sep 26, 2015
References: myjobot & dezeen
'Jobot' is an online job placement service that helps people filter and find their best professional fits as well as practice their interview skills. Utilizing the robotic brain of IBM Watson in tandem with WeChat, the user has an online messaging conversation with the robot about themselves. The robot then takes the information given and finds good job matches using what it knows about the user's personality and experience.

Questions the robot may ask range from, "Are you loud or quiet" to "Do you like working with others or alone?" It then cross-references this information with that on the Internet about various companies, resulting in recommendations. Looking toward the future, this job placement service technology could also be used by employers to find a specific type of hire, utilizing Jobot as a pre-screening process to use the companies time and money more efficiently.