The Responsive Recruiter Bot Messages Users to Boost Their Confidence

As those who have spent arduous hours applying for positions might know, waiting for a job recruiter's response can be one of the most painful experiences to endure.

That's why Cassondra Bazelow designed what's aptly called the 'Responsive Recruiter Bot.' Functioning as a Facebook Messenger, the fake job recruiter will instantly offer an account of shining approval to its user -- allowing hopeful applicants to bask in a dream-like conversation for a while.

In addition to offering an unknown job that includes all the perks one could ask for, the Responsive Recruiter Bot claims things like "I've been authorized to offer you more money than you're asking for." Although the slew of compliments might not be from a real job recruiter, the Facebook Messenger bot is a great way for tired applicants to remind themselves of their qualifications.