The Andreas Seyfarth by Joachim Baldauf Shoot is Provocative

German-based photographer Joachim Baldauf lensed the editorial ‘Heldenreise’ for the 50th issue of Qvest. Artist Andreas Seyfarth is depicted in a series of heroic roles, taking on the majestic and serious nature of the powerful saviours. The highly compositional pieces are paired with creative form sketches by the subject. The photographs are highly structural, the shoot having employed five separate stylists. The series is heavily emotional, drawing in the audience and engaging them with the dualities and tragedies involved in being a hero.

Baldauf works within fashion, youth and cultural motifs. However, the photographer aimed to capture the complexity of humans in a more subjective way. His weighty compositions are closer to the depths of a painting. His imaginative vision allows for his to stand distinct in the sea of artists.