Jo In Hyuk Uses Minimalism and Surreal Elements in Her Work

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: & mymodernmet
Jo In Hyuk is a talented artist who infuses her work with ethereal elements. Her latest illustrations include portraits of a dazed girl, who seems unfamiliar and uncomfortable in her surroundings.

Nature also seems to play a prominent role in these portraits. Jo In Hyuk includes the young female subject floating in water, with a small fish going by. Another image shows her with a lizard-like creature tattooed across the side of her head. It's hard to tell whether Jo In Hyuk saw this as a real animal across the side of the subject or whether she intended to have it as a drawing across the young woman's skull.

The portrait illustrations leave much to the imagination, giving onlookers a glimpse into the young girl's life without offering much detail.