JEKERXJEKER's New Collection Emphasizes Black and Gray Street Wear

JEKERxJEKER's Fall line 'It's a hard way to the top,' seems to be heavily influenced by the punk aesthetic of the past. When looking at the collection, each garment boasts a unique shape, often blending both form-fitting and longer loose styles. Each distinct piece is meant to be a statement and creates neutral yet visually daring clothes.

The punk theme is made clear in the collection's photoshoot, with models in a grungy bar and washroom. The collection however embraces a modern version of punk, while still maintaining iconic looks with distressed and ripped jeans. A distinct wood pattern is also a prevalent look throughout the collection.

JEKERXJEKER's Fall line also favors neutral tones like black, white and gray. These colors are meant to portray the clothes as timeless despite reaching back to older styles as inspiration.