Jawbone Offers $20 for Hands Free Law Violations

 - Jul 16, 2008
References: us.jawbone & gadgets.boingboing.net
In a genius marketing effort, Bluetooth headset makers, Jawbone is capitalizing on the recent hands-free law by offering a $20 discount on their new Jawbone model to anyone who has gotten such a traffic ticket. Gotta love it!

Jawbone has set up a special section in its website that is synchronized with the public ticketing records. You simply choose the state where you received the infraction and the ticket number and you are set to get a brand new Jawbone Bluetooth Headset at $20 less than its normal price.

I think this is awesome. People with tickets will have a motivation to buy the headset (and avoid future tickets) and Jawbone will sell more headsets. Everyone will be happy.

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