Isla Azul Shopping Center Cares For Your Leafy Green Friends

 - Aug 3, 2011
References: hotelparaplantas & springwise
Isla Azul Shopping Center has come up with one of the most unique ideas that I have seen or heard about in a very long time: a hotel that tends to your plants while you are away. The concept is brilliant for owners of plants that need daily attention.

What's most interesting Isla Azul Shopping Center is that its business serves a very specific demographic -- that being plant owners. With such niche targeting and a solid service in place, we hope for the best for this unique business idea!

Implications - Vacationing has become a seminal part of the North-American way of life. Consumers who go on vacation want to be able to come back and not have to play catch up. Companies should consider other services that might ease the transition for this group.