The Irina Sheik Intimissimi Shots Smoulder and Entice

 - Jan 6, 2011   Updated: Aug 23 2011
The highly suggestive, thinly veiled sexuality of the latest Irina Sheik Intimissimi collaboration probably shouldn't be viewed by those with heart conditions, although it's pretty doubtful that the racy nature of the final collection was the least bit unintentional.

Keeping in mind just who this kind of lingerie photography is geared towards, it's not difficult to conclude that the tone, style and ultimate effect of these Irina Sheik Intimissimi shots are dead on.

Implications - Provocative and controversial imagery is a greatly effective way for companies to attract a large target audience. Since visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing photography is attractive to most people, this is a great way for companies to establish a strong following.