iPhone Accidents Infographic Reveals the Mishap's Culprit

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: blog.squaretrade
The iPhone accidents infographic takes a look to see where most mishaps take place. The study, conducted by an electronics warranty company called Square Trade, reveals some astounding results as to who the culprits are.

Users who pay a substantial amount for their iPhones don't seem to cherish it as much as some believe. Square Trade discovered that 51% of iPhone accidents happen around the home, most of which are centralized in the kitchen and toilet. Research also reveals that 69% of the accidents are caused by users.

Square Trade brings to light the fact that warranty coverage is being abused by careless owners. While it isn't uncommon for accidents to happen around electronics, most of the instances mentioned in the study are easily avoidable if users were a little more attentive to their belongings.