The Middle Finger iPhone 6 Case Lets Your Fingers Do the Talking

 - Dec 2, 2014
References: shop.nylon
This hilarious iPhone 6 case by Local Heroes features an image of someone flipping the bird, accompanied by the phrase "have a nice day." Ladies and gentlemen, passive-aggressiveness at its finest.

We all know that social niceties don't always come easy, especially if the person you're talking to is being a real a**hole. How many times have you wanted to tell your cubicle mate to shove it, or curse out your noisy, inconsiderate neighbor? Probably quite a few, but instead of doing that, we're more likely to plaster a pained smile on our face and make some sort of excuse to get out of the exchange.

Nowadays, if you're dealing with someone when you'd rather not, let your phone case do the talking.