This Beautifully Simple Tool Graphs Retirement Savings

 - Mar 6, 2018
References: & producthunt
For a lot of people, the mere mention of investing can put them into a stupor, but Investment Calculator, a new browser tool, turns investing for retirement into something that anyone can understand. Using approachable language and common points of reference, the tool helps even those without any financial experience to recognize how much they need to save in order to live the way they want by the time they retire.

The Investment Calculator consists of a few dials and boxes. The top slider, and the key metric for the tool, asks users to input their current age and their ideal retirement age. That's all the tool absolutely needs to function, but users can get more accurate results if they also input their current savings and their goal for monthly investments. All that information is then presented in a simple chart, showing total investment, retirement income, and a description of retirement lifestyle.