Interseroh Slovenia Makes World’s Biggest Bottle Cap Artwork

 - Sep 17, 2012
References: youtube
The group INTERSEROH SLOVENIA, which consisted of more than 120 children, students and volunteers in Slovenia, got together to create the world’s largest mosaic made out of plastic caps. The project was initiated all with the hopes of collecting enough bottle caps to help those in need.

This giant mosaic was intended to bring the attention to the increase in wasted used bottle caps from drink containers, yogurt, milk and shampoo bottles. These caps, once collected and sold for recycling, can be used to help those who need assistive devices. What was once useless, becomes a priceless aid.

With over 500,000 plastic caps collected, this group of volunteers came together to design a mosaic in an empty parking lot in the shape of a boy in a wheelchair. The photo of the mosaic was even auctioned off to gain additional funds for assistive devices.