Australian Retailer Kogan Implements the First Internet Explorer 7 Tax

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: kogan & dvice
Web developers around the world are beside themselves with the announcement of Kogan's Internet Explorer 7 tax. Kogan, an online electronics retailer in Australia, was fed up at having to spend time and money attempting to make their pages render correctly on Microsoft's old browser. In an attempt to dissuade people from using the browser, Kogan is now levying a 6.8 percent tax on all purchases made on IE 7.

The 6.8 percent tax is symbolic, as it corresponds to how long Internet Explorer 7 has been out. (Each 0.1 percent is equivalent to a month's time.) The tax is sure to upset some older folks who aren't web-savvy, but Kogan has put in helpful instructions for how users can update their version of Internet Explorer. The web development community seems overjoyed by the Internet Explorer 7 tax, which means that more online retailers in the future may adopt a similar strategy.