This Interactive Wall by Wildbytes Turns the Public into Heroes

 - Apr 14, 2013
References: creativereview & designtaxi
This interactive wall by Wildbytes creative studio has been installed in the streets of New York and Madrid so that passer bys can get a glimpse of what being a superhero could be like.

Anything that allows normal people to inject a bit of superhero fantasy into their lives will definitely go down as a treat with the public. This interactive technology allows people to see themselves flying through cities just like a superhero would. The wall works by creating real-time special effects with sounds effects added too. People can become superhuman by throwing fireballs, turning into a giant or flying off into the distance.

The project is simply entitled 'Superheros,' and is a Kinect-controlled projection that integrates viewers into the wall of brightly colored and pixelated motion graphics.