These Inflatable Earbuds Bring Custom Fits to the Masses

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: asiustechnologies & psfk
How great your headphones sound is dependent on two factors -- the quality and the fit. Your quality can be the best in the world but if the earbuds don’t fit, your sound suffers. Now a single pair of earbuds can fit every ear canal perfectly.

Asius has developed inflatable earbuds that expand to create a custom molding fit no matter who the user is. Made of Gore-Tex, the earbuds inflate themselves with the sound pressure generated from the device. The tight fit perfectly insulates your listening experience from outside noise.

A major concern for inflatable earbuds is their resilience as they must be able to withstand considerable stress. A prototype created by Asius technologies lasted for over two years, resisting many repetitions of inflating and deflating.