- Jul 20, 2008
References: indochino
Couture isn't just for fabulously rich women, you know. Gents, admit it, you've daydreamed about strutting into the office in that perfectly tailored Hugo Boss suit, but you never really delved into the possibility for financial reasons or possibly social reasons. Instead of brushing off the idea of the dream power suit, click your way over to, a fashion house that makes hand tailored suits that are not only of the highest quality and look fantastic, but that are extremely affordable and ethical too! lets you select from a vast selection of styles and even contribute to future designs.

Staying on top of the latest fashion trends is tough. Consider that from the time an outfit is shown on the runway, it can take up to three months to hit the pages of print fashion magazines, and by that time, the style is often not in demand anymore.

That's where Indochino comes in. They can have a suit designed, created and have it ready for you within 24 hours. How's that for being at the top of cutting edge design?

Indochino only buys enough fabric to produce a few suits to ensure they can roll out something new every week, making it ethical as well as at the pinnacle of modernity. While most fashion companies are focused on producing in masses, Indochino's dedication to exclusivity replaces sweat shops and mass-produced factory; they instead choose work that is hand-tailored by well paid seamstresses.

If you really want to blow people away with your personal presentation, this is a company that proves you can do it while being ethical and on a budget.