Indie Magazine Winter Issue Shows the Latest Phones and Fashions

Paris model Tommy Herd gets decked out in the latest spring gear, fully equipped with jackets, sunglasses, and yes, mobile phones for the Indie Magazine winter issue. Since mobile phones are now more than just communication devices, and can even be considered fashion accessories, photographer Steeve Beckouet decided to infuse both fashion and technology into one.

The editorial 'Magic Spells' was styled by Matthieu Pabiot, who dressed Herd in Romain Kremer and a pretty sweet Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The mobile phone is one of the many super-advanced makes from the tech giant family, and is the latest in Sony's array of phones. So, as phones have become part of a consumer's everyday necessities, Beckouet's vision of intertwining both fashion and technology is spot on, showing style and avant-garde expressionism.