The In Passing Lock Makes Your Bike Unrideable to Thieves

 - Sep 30, 2013
References: yankodesign
There are two interesting ideas presented in the In Passing Lock, related to security and safety. Perhaps designer Chung Pei Cheng first worked to develop a convenient and innovative bicycle lock, and discovered that it could double as a very practical multitasking device.

The bike lock remains fixed to your two-wheeler in the middle of the back hub, angled perpendicular to the road while you're riding and adjusting downwards once you've dismounted. Since it's longer than the radius of your wheel, the gadget props the tire up above the ground, and a broad base keeps it from toppling over.

Where the spokes meet, you'll find the combination lock. What you'll also notice here on the In Passing Lock is a pair of red safety lights. The designer aimed to take advantage of stored kinetic energy while in motion to power this set of electronic reflectors.