The ConText Project

Serious athletes who wish to improve their game have to learn how to better coordinate their movements. Previously they had to endure cumbersome electrodes stuck to their skin. This made it tricky to move naturally. A team of EU scientists working on the ConText Project have come up with contactless sensors which can be incorporated into fabric. The prototype wearable vest has sensors which continually monitor the electrical activity of contracting muscle tissue. The sensors are just 12 mm wide. When a person’s muscles contract, the charge build-up is picked up by the sensors, amplified and then sent wirelessly to a computer and processed.

The resulting information will then show the athletes which muscles have been used when they move in a particular way. With this knowledge, the athletes can then adapt their movements and technique for maximum effect.

Sport scientists believe it will be useful for activities which require repetitive movements like golf and tennis. The invention could also help prevent injury by detecting overworked muscles. Further modifications such as the ability to monitor heart and breathing will also help athletes learn how many calories have been consumed during workouts.