New York-Based Photographer Maya Barkai Shoots Bedding Landscapes

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: mayabarkai & photographyserved
Without taking the project’s title into account, a first look at Israeli photographer Maya Barkai’s series of ‘Bed Landscapes’ captures would have probably made viewers think they have just seen a collection of images of terrains textures, rather than the various creased bed sheets that they are. How could they not? One of the pictures looks just like a depiction of a barren desert and another greatly resembles the interior of a dark, beautiful cave. That being said, it is only apt that the New York-based photographer named her work the ‘Bed Landscapes’.

One of the pictures in the series sees a romantic couple under a crimson bed sheet. Viewers would also notice that some of the images seem to suggest the silhouette of a woman.

What I personally like about Maya Barkai’s ‘Bed Landscapes’ is that its contents are opened up to public’s interpretation, as different people may make out different things out of them.