Give Up is a Game That Takes Frustration to Another Level

 - Aug 23, 2012
References: armorgames & gnnaz
If you’re looking for an insanely difficult game that will push the limits of your mental stability while trapping you in endless loops of violent death and suffering (who isn't?), then look no further than Give Up, a game about failure and regret.

Designed by John Cooney and published by Armor Games, Give Up is a 2D-platformer similar to the indie blockbuster Super Meat Boy. The objective of the game is to guide your character through increasingly difficult levels while trying not to get splattered by the numerous spikes, canons, lasers and buzz saws placed cleverly throughout the room.

With unlimited attempts at your disposal, you never have to worry about running out of lives; however, as you meet your gruesome demise again and again, you are incessantly taunted by the large blue "Give Up" button in the bottom corner of the screen.

Watching people play the game can be quite entertaining as well. In a popular Rage Quit video uploaded by Rooster Teeth, Michael (aka Rage Quit) demonstrates just how soul-crushing and challenging Give Up can get.

Give up is free to play. To put your skills to the test, go to the Armor Games site and see how long you can last before you give up.