The 'Illustrated Recipe' Exhibit Makes Art Look Tastier Than Ever Before

Inspired by all-star chef Marie-Antoine Carême, often referred to as The King of Chefs, 'The Illustrated Recipe' is an exhibit that features artwork inspired by Carême's many extravagant recipes. Artists from all over Britain have created works to pay tribute to the late great chef. Everything from a crocheted whale to a sequined fish is displayed at the exhibit.

The Illustrated Recipe features five British artists working in six different mediums: crochet, collage, paint, denim, digital illustration and cake. Each artist has presented hyper-realistic representations of real food making for a delightfully delicious art installation.

Crochet artist Kate Jenkins is especially note-worthy as her crocheted food items are both visually stunning in their 3D designs but also extremely realistic.

Installations like The Illustrated Recipe are wonderful examples of paying tribute to an idol while producing new and innovative creations.