The Il Vie Photo Shoot Will Capture You with Minimalist Chic

Step into a world of sleek simplicity with the Il Vie editorial. Featuring an ultra-minimalist aesthetic and only the chicest ensembles, the Il Vie photo shoot will definitely inspire you in subtle, but provocative ways.

Shot by photographer Brian Keith, the Il Vie editorial appropriately features model Ilvie Wittek in various stages of undress. There is a certain flirtation going on that can only be achieved through the revealing of a little (but not all) in each photo. Although she wears a full outfit or two throughout the Ilvie editorial, there is always an ample amount of skin showing.

Take a look at the Il Vie spread to see how far slight teasing can go.

Implications - Modern consumers are naturally attracted to images which push the limits on what is considered risque. New artists trying to gain more attention on the market could develop their advertisements with a provocative element in mind.