The I-KUE Portable Gaming Device Accommodates All Types of Handsets

 - May 18, 2015
References: vertexpd & tuvie
What the I-KUE offers is a contemporary spin on gaming that enables easy on-the-go play. Combining the familiarity and functional tactility of the video game controller with the convenience of one's smartphone, this device is ideal for continuing your virtual quests just about anywhere.

Avi Cohen's design is based on the many remotes that have come before it, but this one has been developed to be directly compatible with a range of different phone models. Communication between the two gadgets is carried out over Bluetooth, so no connectors are necessary; meanwhile, the physical connection is made possible by an adaptable mount that can be stretched to anchor the corners of the handset. The I-KUE uses a combination of low and hi-tech to bring gamers a fun and functional product.