iDID Adventure Fosters Equality No Matter Class or Able-Bodiedness

 - Jul 31, 2014
References: ididadventure & facebook first heard about iDID Adventure through their partnership work with Summit Clothing, which we recently featured as well. And we're so happy we did.

"Our mission is to become the largest social organisation supporting individuals and professionals in creating equal opportunities, improving well-being and promoting positive life choices through adventure activities," they write about their mission and goals.

iDID Adventure, a social enterprise, really fosters what it means to be inclusive -- on a number of different categories, whether it's economic status or disability. More and more, especially as societies all around the world become increasingly unequal when it comes to income, it's important to explicitly address class concerns. No matter how you do it. But it's especially amazing when fun is the name of the game.

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