The Deconstructed Icelandic Translations are Represented with Icons

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: instagram & designtaxi
This series of illustrations and icons show the very literal Icelandic translations in a charming way. The Instagram account Every Single Word in Icelandic features the work of New York-based artist Eunhan Huh, or user @snorlax.gif.

The Icelandic translations are very literal deconstructions of various terms. This is represented with simple and clean drawings, which stands in contrast to the notoriously difficult to learn language. Some examples include echo ('bergmal'), which means rock language and hippopotamus ('flóðhestur') which translates to flood plus horse. Other terms the illustrator tackles are bra ('brjóstahöld'), zoo ('dýragarður'), arm ('handleggur') and planet ('reikistjarna'). The caption of each Instagram post explains the meaning behind the word, which is often quite humorous.