'I Hate You Red Light' Pays Tribute to Walt Disney

The world of animation is looking to its past not only for inspiration, but to pay homage in a way that preserves it and honors it. One of the latest endeavors comes in the form of 'I Hate You Red Light,' an animated short that recently received the Audience Choice award at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI). In this way, it is similar to 'Get a Horse!,' which opens the film 'Frozen' in theaters now. But instead of harking back to the 1930s, 'I Hate You Red Light' focuses on the '50s.

A collaborative effort between M.R. Horhager and J.M. Walter, 'I Hate You Red Light' begins with a tribute to Walt Disney and Walter Lantz, which many will be particularly drawn to since the film 'Saving Mr. Banks' opened earlier this month.