I Feel London/Toronto/NYC

 - Dec 7, 2008
References: ifeellondon & springwise
It’s easy to navigate a city when you know where you’re going or what you want to do, but what about when you haven’t a clue? I Feel London, I Feel Toronto and I Feel NYC are three iterations of the same website that promote mood-based navigation for locals and tourists alike.

Users select their mood--naughty, hung over, energetic, romantic, sophisticated, chilled, girly, manly, or broke--and a Google map comes up with suggestions of activities and attractions that are appropriate for that mood.

For example, in the third image, I’ve selected ‘Broke’ as my mood. Some of the results that popped up on my map include a secondhand bookstore with friendly staff, a noodle bar, the Tate Modern’s free galleries, a Thai restaurant, a pizza joint, and a nightclub. Sounds like a full day to me!

Users with Google accounts can edit the maps, adding their own suggestions to the ones already displayed. The site is currently still in beta, but the existing functionality is impressive.