The Hyperchair Provides Users with Individual Climate Control

Researchers at UC Berkeley's Center for Built Environment recently designed an office chair called the 'Hyperchair,' which gives each user individual climate control. One of the common problems office workers face is being too hot or too cold at work. This chair is designed to solve temperature-based issues by giving users the power to control their work environment.

The Hyperchair is an office chair that allows users to adjust the temperature of their surroundings without affecting others. The chair can warm the user up by using heating tape that is woven directly into the fabric of the chair. If the user becomes too warm, there are strategically placed fans embedded in the chair that will wick away body heat. All of these adjustments can be made by pressing a small button on the side of the chair or through an accompanying smartphone app.

By giving each worker control over his or her surroundings, companies can turn down their building's heating or air conditioning and ultimately save energy.