This Husky Ranch Will Aim to Care For Troubled & Neglected Siberian Huskies

 - Aug 1, 2014
References: indiegogo & pr-inside
Australian animal behaviorist and dog trainer D.J. Silva is seeking donations to establish the Australian Rehabilitation Retirement Husky Ranch, a facility that will be used to rehabilitate Siberian Huskies that have suffered mental or physical trauma either due to abuse, neglect or being at the hands of well-meaning but experienced dog owners. The facility will aim to give dogs a pleasant environment in which to live out their lives, and save them from euthanasia.

The project has deep personal significance from Silva, whose first Husky was a psychiatric service dog who helped stabilize his mental health when he suffered from agoraphobia, a debilitating anxiety disorder.

The Husky Ranch will be dedicated to maintaining the mental and physical health of dogs. It will include a huge indoor dog park with facilities for physical play and exercise, a water splash area as well as a 'doggie painting' program where the dogs will 'paint' their own masterpieces, which will be sold to raise further funding which can help more dogs.

The ranch will also look to educate the public and owners of Huskies on the treatment and care of these stunning animals.